The documentary ‘What The Health’ featured on Netflix on March in 2017 created much controversy among the media. My short feedback is an overall conceptual review of the film which can be applied to the general population.

                The documentary brought up controversial conversations about the food systems, statistics and industry. I love these types of conversations, and I’m thrilled that the documentary can facilitate a conversation. I was referred to a group of dietitians on Instagram who are creating a ‘dietitian review’ of the documentary, and my short clip below is my contribution.


I like how the film highlights a plant based dietary pattern as the front-line of treatment. To be inclusive the 2015-2020 American Dietary Guidelines recommend three healthful eating patterns (in no particular order): Plant based, Mediterranean and DASH.


One of the downsides with this film is how it only talks about the benefits of plant based dietary patterns (with an emphasis on veganism). Plant based, Mediterranean and DASH dietary patterns are highly researched and evidence shows any one of these patterns is recommended for the general public to follow.