I’m Libby Rothschild

Business Coach and Social Media Expert

Helping you grow your income and impact online

I have given over 100 presentations to healthcare providers

It’s difficult to grow your brand online and create income when your message isn’t clear and you’re left feeling lost and isolated. You can increase impact and income online by implementing my proven framework.

Target audience: Health care providers, wellness entrepreneurs, registered dietitian nutritionists, and associations

Learning Objectives

  1. Summarize what a focused message looks like with industry specific examples
  2. Identify your ideal client’s biggest problems
  3. Evaluate systems to make money online beyond the traditional 1:1 service model
  4. Define the elements of  an abundant money mindset
  5. Develop a strategy for your business to transform from “idea” to “implemented”

Signs you're ready to build impact and income:

You WANT to

  • Focus and expand impact with your message online
  • Strengthen your money mindset
  • Sell to your ideal audience
  • Set up systems to create passive income
  • Go from “idea” to “implemented”
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