Are you looking to feel confident in your online business?

My Dietitian Boss 1-1 Coaching can direct you with accountability, focus, and consistency. We work closely together to develop and/or strengthen your online content and sales strategy.

Have you ever thought:


“I want to sell to my customers/clients but I don’t know how.”

“I want to make money from a digital product like an online course, but I don’t know where to start.”

“I want to get clients online but I don’t know how to stand out in this crowded space.”

“I want to offer a signature service but I feel confused and lost.”

“I want to charge the rate I’m worth but I don’t feel confident.”

I work 1:1 with a limited number of female registered dietitians, who are interested in mastering the sales process within their private practice.

Female registered dietitians work with me in my Dietitian Boss private coaching program to:

  1. Specialize and focus your message
  2. Refine, adjust and optimize  your offer (including setting, increasing prices)
  3. Create content that attracts your ideal client
  4. Create and increase income via mastering the sales process
  5. Review your current processes and add/improve your onboarding and offboarding systems to improve client experience and sales

This program is for female wellness professionals who want to:

  • Set and achieve weekly and quarterly goals in their online business

  • Set up systems in their online business to make money

  • Receive constructive criticism and make adjustments to their work on a weekly, if not daily, basis

  • Have a growth mindset such as reading books, podcasts, YouTube videos, attending conferences and investing in themselves outside of our work together (i.e. You listen to a weekly podcast about business/social media growth)

  • Focus your message and solve problems online and across all chosen platforms (i.e. website, social media, email marketing)

This program is NOT for female wellness professionals who:

  • Do not currently have the time, energy, or focus to take consistent action in their business

  • Refuse to prioritize their business

  • Aren’t open to new growth strategies, accountability, or individual support on a weekly basis

  • Have invested in other courses or 1:1 but didn’t implement strategies

  • Refuse to track time or delegate tasks at any level in order to free up time and prioritize business


From MY Clients

“Working with Libby was the best decision, I can’t believe my mindset before I met you vs now! Working with Libby has been so helpful for growing my business. I’ve been looking for a business coach, but I just wasn’t ready to invest in anyone until I met Libby. We chatted on the phone and I felt like she really understood my goals and had the knowledge and experience necessary to get me there. It’s only been a month, and I’ve learned so much on how to utilize instagram and optimize my website by niching down. It was so scary to niche down but I trusted her and it was so worth it!!! I’ve only posted 6 posts on instagram and I already have 8 new leads, 4 new clients  and over 200 more followers who are relevant to my niche!!”

Tallene Hacatoryan

M.S., R.D, @pcos.weightloss

“I have worked with Libby for over 3 months now and I can say it is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Prior to working with Libby I was hustling hard but felt stuck. I wasn’t growing as fast as I would like to and felt scattered. Working with Libby has helped me think critically as to what I want to accomplish and the best ways to reach my business goals. Libby has helped me get clear on my intention for my business as well as what my message is, and has worked with me to align my business strategy accordingly. Within 3 months of working with Libby I’ve gotten clear and consistent with my message and niche and have tripled my Instagram following as well as significantly increased my social media engagement and interest in my services. In addition, I’ve increased my email list by 80%! Libby is not only a fantastic business coach who keeps you accountable, gives tangible advice, and strategic insights – she’s also your cheerleader and friend.”

Rachel Goodman MS, RD

Dietitian Boss Private Coaching is a 6-month program. Here’s what’s included:

60-Minute Bi-Weekly Video Strategy Calls

All strategy calls are held via Zoom video where you share your desktop screen with me. Together we develop, fine tune and improve strategy for your online business including developing and fine tuning your focus, signature product and or services, social media, email marketing and website copy.

    • During calls client and coach will access Zoom on your desktop with the screenshare function ready to use. During all calls both the client and coach have the clients Asana board open and ready to review and make updates.
    • Clients show up to calls prepared by bringing documents, videos, photos and content ready to the call for strategy and feedback.
    • Clients are responsible for putting in the work and editing any updates between calls to focus on growth.
      • Clients are allowed to record the calls (as your coach I am not responsible for your recordings. You must take responsibility for recording if you want to use this feature).
      • All strategy calls are held using Zoom only. No other app or program will be used under any circumstance in order to standardize my services.

Weekly Asana Check-In

I use the free project management software Asana that you can use from both your desktop and via smartphone app.

    • We create a customized board where we track your progress such as weekly calls, weekly SMART goals and all documents, videos and files associated with your online business growth.
    • Clients are required to use Asana so that we can keep our conversation streamlined (no email back and forth) and organized. (We use deadlines, check off tasks and make notes.)

Weekly S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Every Monday, you set at least one, but no more than three weekly SMART goals.

    • SMART goals are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound.
    • I expect you to evaluate last week’s SMART goals inside of your customized Asana board. Did you reach your previous week’s SMART goal? What did you learn so you can adjust this coming week’s SMART goal? I you will document this evaluation process inside of your Asana board.

Good Example: I will create 1 blog post under 1000 words that speaks to my ideal clients biggest problems by Sunday noon EST.

Bad Example: I will write a blog post.

What will you be working on?

Sessions with Libby include: 

  • Clarify your message/niche down
  • Clarify your offer 
  • Review of systems such as communion platforms and back end organization 
  • Solidify sales calls and the sales process 
  • Social media marketing audit 
  • Website and online presence auditing 
  • Marketing and visibility strategy 
  • Systems, organization, delegating and time management 

Your program working with Libby is cusotmized to what you and your dietitian business need to achieve your goals.

From MY Clients

“You have been amazing! You always have amazing ideas and respond so quickly. Since working with you, I have learned how to niche down, and that it’s okay to change my niche after already choosing another (which I did and am much happier). I am building my brand and I want that to reflect in my content and engagement. I have also learned what works with IG, and have seen it firsthand, through my own posts and insights. I understand what my captions should consist of, as well as the type of content my followers and potential clients want to see. You have also helped me pitch my services and overall give me confidence in myself and my work. I would definitely recommend your business coaching services to others! You have been amazing!”

Jackie Robertson

RDN, METS, @enrgperformance

Libby’s coaching program was on the best decisions I have made for my business. I hired Libby after working in my private nutrition practice for 10 months. I was working with anyone who would be willing to work with me, and was exhausted from putting in hours of work with very little return. When I started her program, I had no niche, I had no systems in place, my highest revenue month was under $1000, and I had 485 followers on instagram. In our first call, Libby helped me choose a niche and develop my ideal client. Through the program, I applied Libby’s Instagram strategies and worked with her to develop my marketing strategy and my client processes. Libby helped me develop a signature program of my own, as well as a sales call script and website copy to convert leads to clients. At the end of Libby’s program, I generated over $2000 of revenue in one month, had over 5,000 followers on Instagram, and put systems in my place that are freeing up my time to focus on client care, content creation, and new product development. I’m not going to lie and say the program was easy. Libby challenged me daily to be specific about my goals, to be creative and intentional with content, and to become confident in being the expert in my niche. She gave honest feedback, and set me up with tools that will make the progress I achieved with her sustainable. I am currently growing daily in my Instagram following and am growing in revenue every month from nutrition counseling clients. If you’re on the fence about applying for her program, I recommend that you take the leap now. You won’t regret it.”

Erin Judge


Listen is as Lauren Smith @SororityNutritionist shares her experiences coaching with Libby.


Do you guarantee that after hiring you I will create a 5 figure launch like your other clients?

No, I offer my standardized strategy, but ultimately the responsibility to take the action falls on the client. I am not responsible for your actual sales. You are. You must follow my framework and show up to our strategy calls prepared. Additionally setting weekly and relevant S.M.A.R.T goals will keep you on track to succeed. I do offer a standardized experience that will force you to work very focused and learn how to improve your systems, mindset and focus online so that you can build community, market and effectively sell.

What if I have not chosen my niche and I come back to you AFTER I have figured it all out?

If you don’t have a niche yet, now would be the best time to apply for my program, so that we can progress you faster with proven structure and support. We work together to help you discover your focus and standardize your message across platforms online. If you decide that my program isn’t a good option because you want to niche down first, or you think that you don’t have enough time, then you are making excuses and your limiting beliefs might hold us back from progressing fast enough together.

What if I have a full time job, kids, or both and I feel like this might be too much of a project to invest in?

I started Libby Rothschild LLC while working a full time clinical job, and you can do it too. I took my side hustle to full time within 1 year by being focused and hiring a coach to help me move forward faster in my online business. I also have clients who are moms from all over the world and with time management techniques and delegation, they move forward in their business by setting the rate they are worth, making sales and enjoying their focused work.

Do you offer money back guarantees or refunds?

I do not offer refunds or money back guarantees. As your coach, I will guide you and coach using my framework. However, it is up to you to do the work to succeed in your business.

What if I feel too beginner to apply for coaching?

I help wellness professionals from all over the world who come to me at various levels, including clients who have no online presence (at all). I specialize in showing you how to set up systems, including what to focus on first, how to spend your time, how to link your message and build community, and how to use online marketing to sell your signature product or service.

Is this worth the cost?

I have substantially increased my prices since I started due to demand for my time and the success of my clients. If you are scared about my program cost, I want to ask you where do you want to be in your business in 3 or 6 months from now? If you want to create or improve your online business in order to make huge impact and sales, then you need to invest in yourself and take action now. Entrepreneurs all over the world regret not starting sooner and the most successful entrepreneurs all have coaches.

Do you offer payment plans for your coaching services?

Clients are responsible for paying monthly, at the beginning of each month that we work together. You can also pay for coaching services in full prior to starting your coaching with me.

I feel scared because I don't have the money.

If you want to create a business that gives you freedom, flexibility, power and respect, then you need to invest in yourself. You cannot start a business for free. There are costs associated to start up and I come in to provide the strategy and foundation to start you off feeling confident and with systems in place to grow and scale.

How many hours per week do I need to invest in to benefit from your program?

Most of my clients work in their online business at least 60 minutes a day or more (with 1-2 days off per week). Regardless of where you are in your business, if you do not put in the work it takes, you will not succeed. If you don’t have 5-7 hours per week to commit to your business, then you are not going to be a good fit for my program.

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