Who is your idol or leader in the health field?

When I started my journey into the field of nutrition and wellness almost a decade ago I stumbled across a booked by Dr. Marion Nestle called “What to Eat.” Dr. Nestle inspired me to study nutritional science. I wish that when I received my masters degree in clinical nutrition from New York University that I took Dr. Nestle’s course offered in the college of “Food Studies.”

I was very excited to interview Dr. Nestle. She was just as amazing in person as she is on print (her famous blog Food Politics). Dr. Nestle is the example in the field of nutrition.

Questions asked:

  1. Should agricultural policy and health policy be separate in the political world as they are currently?

  2. When it comes to genetically modified foods what’s your take on labeling. To label or not to label’?

  3. What do you think about heath claims ?

  4. There’s a huge contradiction where one office in the department of agriculture tells everyone to make half their plates fruits and vegetables, yet there’s very little public farm bill money going to support fruits and vegetables. Can you speak to this?

  5. Nowhere in the 2015-2020 American Dietary Guidelines mention anything about sustainability can you speak a little about that?