In this episode, I answer a question that I got in my direct messages on Instagram.

“Have you done an episode on how to convert instagram followers into paying clients? I feel like you probably have. I get so many questions and I know I am reaching my target audience, but I don’t feel like it’s translating into paying clients from Instagram. I have some that have found me on Instagram locally, but not so much that aren’t local.

When people ask you questions (like I am right now) how are you getting them from your direct messages to being a paying client? I feel like a lot of people in my audience are looking for free advice on Instagram. I love helping, so it’s rewarding to serve them, but it’s not yielding money.”

In this episode I cover:

  • How I track where my leads are coming from (aka lead source)
  • Importance of record keeping in your business
  • Things you should know about your business: What are your lead sources? What % of your clients are coming from each source? How does that compare from Q1 to Q2 to Q3, etc.
  • Importance of building and nurturing relationships and doing market research on higher conversion rates from Instagram
  • Why I recommend having a system when it comes to direct messages on Instagram
  • Who is your ideal client? How can you relate to them? How are you planning your content around these key pieces of information?
  • Benefits of planning content to free up your availability to connect with your audience in your stories
  • Importance of staying active and consistent on Instagram
  • Benefits of telling stories to your audience to connect with them. Sharing with yourself tells your audience about your brand and your mission.


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