In this episode, I interviewed Christine Dyan, a Registered Dietitian and the owner of Christine Dyan International Coaching. Christine teaches Registered Dietitians how to confidently increase their rates so they can make more money and have a greater impact in the marketplace. Christine works with 1:1 with RDs who are taking action in their business but are feeling held back because of their perceived low earning potential.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Christine got into the business of “money mindset” for dietitians
  • What does “money mindset” mean?
  • How can RDs upgrade their own money mindset?
  • Why RDs have a hard time “charging with their worth”
  • Common excuses why RDs think they “can’t” charge more for their services and how to break through their barriers
  • Christine’s 3-Step Money Mindset System: “Think like a business owner first and a dietitian second.”
  • Christine’s personal story with money


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