In this episode of the Wellness Business podcast, I talk all about online marketing with online marketing strategist Kathy Colaiacovo.

Kathy Colaiacovo is an online marketing strategist, trainer, coach, speaker, and author. She has spent nearly a decade working with clients online (including wellness professionals like many of my colleagues). Kathy helps clients enhance their social media footprint, build their brands, develop and enhance their marketing strategies, and bring them the results they always hoped to see.  

As an Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Kathy helps clients decipher the world of online and social media marketing, along with websites, blogs, and email marketing – these are the foundations of everything you do!  She also offers DIY ways of getting this strategy thought her Pepper It Marketing Insiders Club – High level marketing strategy that won’t break the bank.

Her goal is simple, empower clients and students with knowledge and samples to understand how to make their marketing work.

In this episode I cover:

  • The importance of online marketing
  • Marketing for digital projects
  • The 3 biggest mistakes she sees people making when it comes to marketing their business online
  • Different online marketing strategies and methods
  • Common online marketing struggles
  • The 10 foundations of online marketing sucesss

The 3 Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes:

  1. Not being present online at all
  2. Giving away too much for free
  3. Not having your foundations set up

The 10 Never Miss Foundations for Online Marketing Success:

  1. Having a website
  2. Understanding keywords
  3. Understanding SEO
  4. Blogging regularly
  5. Having a email marketing list
  6. Having a lead magnet
  7. Having a stand-alone lead generation page
  8. Having a thank you page for signing up
  9. Being on social media and setting up your profiles properly
  10. Develop and implement an online marketing plan

Learn more about The 10 Never Miss Foundations for Online Marketing Success (Affiliate Link) by downloading Kathy’s e-book.


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The 10 Never Miss Foundations for Online Marketing Success (Affiliate Link)

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