In this episode of the Wellness Business podcast, I talk about my 7-step framework I used to prepare for my upcoming keynote.

The speaking event I’m preparing for is called Getting Paid Your Worth: Compensation and Advancement in Nutrition and Dietetics. It’s being held by the NYC Nutrition Education Network at Columbia University on March 8th.

In this episode I cover:

  • How I earned this opportunity
  • The benefits of public speaking
  • How I am improving my public speaking skills
  • My keynote preparation process: the 7-step framework
  • Why I hired a videographer for my website’s future speaking wheel
  • How I am planning ahead for the day of the event
  • How I improve my confidence on the day of the event

7-Step Framework:

  1. I hired a coach.
  2. I created an outline for my talk.
  3. I created my PowerPoint presentation.
  4. I created a script.
  5. Editing and revisions with my coach during our first two 60-min sessions.
  6. Improving my fluidity via practice during my third session with my coach.
  7. I bought a prop.

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