Up-level your marketing and sales skills so that you can feel confident in your private practice with a group coaching program that takes you step-by-step through a proven framework so that you can focus on profit and align your purpose.

Goal Setting, Accountability, Planning, Mindset, Choosing a Niche and Target Market – these are all aspects of building any business, but most dietitians launching their private practice have no idea what is truly needed to build the online marketing foundations for a profitable private practice. There is much more than this list to make it all work – all while feeling confident.

To be successful in a private practice you need to take the time to work on your business, building the foundations that will see your practice through the long term. 

You NEED ...  

  • Systems that SUPPORT your goals. 
  • PAYING Clients who WANT to work with you. 
  • Programs that Clients are RACING to sign up for. 
  •  A Sales process that CONVERTS Leads into Clients. 
  • A Social Media Strategy that is focused on SALES
  • Marketing TACTICS to finding clients you LOVE to work with.  

But all you are thinking is... How can I make this happen?  

The reality is, most women need help to make the online sales happen. It is possible to have the ideal practice you want, with the clients you want, but for so many female registered dietitians, making it all happen is very OVERWHELMING. 

The beauty of Group Coaching is found in the joining of a step-by-step process that supports the core values of collaboration, combined with empathetic minds and hearts, all eager to help each other Overcome, Grow, and Prosper!  

What more could we ask for than coming together with a group of likeminded individuals who know what it’s like to struggle and overcome, only to face new business challenges again and again?

This is exactly why I created my Group Coaching Program… Exclusively for Female Registered Dietitians, like you, who want to help clients and make sales in their Private Practice.  

dietitian boss foundations with Libby Rothschild

With the proper Foundations in place ... you can change EVERYTHING when it comes to your Private Practice!

Dietitian Boss Foundations program is laid out to help you apply my proven business building framework so that you can focus your message, clarify your offer and grow your private practice with effective online marketing strategies that set you up to sell as a female registered dietitian.

I created this program to reach more female dietitians and guide you step-by-step with my proven framework so that you can learn how to market and sell effectively, using online marketing strategies that work, online marketing strategies that are ethical, and with a step-by-step process that is easy to follow.

These are lessons I have learned from building my own business, and that I have taught to over 100 other dietitians who have successfully implemented them.

As a woman I know that marketing and sales can feel overwhelming and I’m here to show you step-by-step how to uncomplicate sales so that you can increase profit and impact. I created this program to support and collaborate with other females so that you can empower one-another to reach your sales goals. 

Dietitian Boss Foundations offers you time with me every month on our group coaching calls, with hot seat coaching as well. You will benefit from the small group of people working alongside you (these groups are limited to 10 participants). Fellow female dietitians who will be there to cheer you on and support you, give you feedback, new ideas, and women you can share your successes and sticking points with.

If you follow the training program and lessons, complete the associated exercises and listen to the guidance I have to offer, you will lay down the online marketing and sales foundations needed to grow your private practice with focus and confidence – building the private practice of your dreams.... all while setting yourself up to create multiple revenue streams after you hit your baseline sales goals.  

The Dietitian Boss Foundations program offers you 11 (eleven) focused areas of Business Training, plus a BONUS training on Mindset

  • Clarify your Why 
  • Niche Marketing and Target Market 
  • Crafting Your Offer 
  • Sales Calls: Converting a Lead to a Client 
  • Communication Platform: Practice Better 
  • Visibility 
  • Choosing your Social Media Platform 
  • Using Instagram to Market and Sell 
  • Email Marketing and Website 
  • Your Website and Landing Page 
  • Sales Copy 

The course lessons are released one week at a time so you can work on each lesson to see more success. The course contains more than 15 hours in training lessons, as well as additional resources, checklists and more.

The exercises I assign will help you take this training and implement the framework so you can see results. 

You also receive: 

  • Six (6) Monthly Group Coaching Calls, including Hot Seat Coaching with Libby 
  • Access to recordings of the Monthly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Peer Networking and Support within our Private Facebook Community for the duration of your 6-month program
  • Advice and ideas to address common topics of discussion in the weekly LIVE Facebook Videos 
  • Access to the training platform for 6 months after the end date of your group.

These elements are what create my proven framework and are your stepping stones to private practice success! 

Apply today for Dietitian Boss Foundations, a group coaching program created just for Female Registered Dietitians!  

My goal with Dietitian Boss Foundations is to ensure that you know and understand how to implement the strategy and the methodology I teach, with the most confidence, accountability, and all the tools needed to help move you forward, feeling secure in achieving your sales goals.

Hoping for Sales Won’t Just Happen

Your mindset as a private practice owner is one of the key factors in your success. 

You can’t afford to let your enthusiasm to make it work be overshadowed by frustration and disappointment caused by unmet business goals. Discover how to build the foundations needed to succeed as a female dietitian in private practice and take this journey – with someone to guide you along the way – and a group to support you!

Hear what other clients and students have to say about working through the proven foundation framework.

FAQs About the Dietitian Boss Foundations Program


How long is this program commitment? 6 months. 


How long will I have access to the modules and associated exercises from the teachable platform after the program ends? The program is 6 months long and you will have access to the curriculum for an additional 6 months, so 12 months in total.


What type of support does this program offer? Online modules associated with exercises from teachable, private facebook group access during the time of program length (6 months) and 1 group call per month (6 total) with recordings available for replay. 


Do you offer refunds? No refunds. 


Do you offer a payment plan? You can either pay in full or installments.


What if I don't have a registered business and I am "new" and feeling like an imposter? Perfect, this program provides a step by step foundational framework to help you grow and succeed with outlined steps. 


What if I do have a registered business, am I to advanced for this group? If you are making under 2k per month for 3 consistent months from online marketing efforts, then you qualify for this program. If you're making or exceeding 2k per month for 3 consistent months, you will not qualify for this program, and you can apply for Dietitian Boss Coaching program, click here for more details.


What if I'm not a female, does that matter? My business only serves those who identify as a female, or business of two or multiples where there's one female owner, or the female owns 50% or more of the business 


What if I'm not a dietitian, can I still apply? If you work in a healthcare-related field (therapists, nurse, etc. you can apply).


Will this program promise me sales? No one can promise you sales. This program gives you my proven framework, and you must apply the concepts with consistency and make adjustments to improve in your business. I do not promise or guarantee sales.


What if I feel too new to invest this kind of money. I am not making money now, is this program worth the cost? This program is perfectly suited for those who are making less than 2k per month from online marketing. The program is worth the cost, and my methodology shows you step by step how to market and sell in your business using online marketing. You can see testimonials from clients and students if you scroll back up on this page you are on now.


Do I need a niche to apply? No, I will show you step by step how to market your business, niche down and save time in your business so that you can increase profit and impact 

Listen to what clients of Libby's say about working through the Dietitian Boss framework.