Discover the secrets of my 6-month intensive dietitian business training program in the comfort of your home! 

If you listen to virtually any online marketing “expert”, you will hear that lead generation and client acquisition are the most important factors for the success of your registered dietitian business. And yet, many of the strategies they recommend generate little interest and all you acquire for your efforts is… frustration. 

The reason for this is fairly simple: They tell you to market yourself to people who and can afford, and want, to pay for your services. In their high-priced marketing training, they forget to mention the most important factor for success – what YOU want. 

Satisfaction and success as a registered dietitian or nutritionist comes from sharing your expertise and training with people who appreciate what you have to offer, to the point that you LOVE to work with them. 

Doing this serves your purpose, the very reason you began your private practice, and enables you to know you're making a real difference in their lives. 

To be successful in a private practice you need to identify two types of potential clients who will make up your ideal client profile:  

  • Clients who WANT to work with you.  
  • Clients YOU want to work with.  

Working with people who are merely “going through the motions” is unfulfilling and unrewarding. It leads to stress and frustration. In fact, despite their ability and willingness to pay you for your work, this type of client will take you right back to the daily grind you wanted to put behind you when you began your private practice.  

That is not the ideal client you're looking for.  

Focus Your Message, Narrow Your Niche, Market to Your Ideal Client

Dietitian Boss Basics workbook is laid out to help you clarify your message, niche down, and apply my proven business building framework so that you can focus your message and grow your private practice as an independent dietitian or nutritionist. I created this guide to be used as a critical tool in the one-to-one training I offer my 1-1 coaching clients; inspiring female registered dietitians to attract and convert leads in their nutrition business and private practice. Leads that turn into paying customers. If you follow the guidance I have to offer, you will lay down the foundation needed to grow your private practice with focus and confidence – building the business you dreamed of creating when you began. The content in this workbook will encourage you to reflect and think critically about your business and goals, so that you can align your message and set yourself up to market and sell your private practice successfully – and find fulfillment.  

The Training Is Split Into Three Categories:

Clarify your Why  

Define your purpose & Realize the value of what you have to offer.  

Niching Down in 9 Steps  

Determine your niche & Identify your ideal client as someone you LOVE to work with.  

5 Steps for Market Research  

Learn where your ideal client works, lives, and plays to be there for them.  

These are the stepping stones to entrepreneurial success that I have used to grow my own private practice, with a waiting list of people who want to work with me – and with whom I can’t wait to engage and work with!  

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Hoping for Success Won’t Get It Done

Your entrepreneurial spirit is one of the key factors in your success. You can’t afford to let that kind of enthusiasm and courage be drained away by frustration and disappointment caused by unmet goals.

I’ve seen it too many times with too many clients. Like them, you:

  • Feel Disorganized, Overwhelmed and Underappreciated 
  • Suffer from “imposter syndrome” 
  • Lack of confidence 
  • Don’t know where to start 
  • Have no idea of what niche to offer services in  

The reasons for this are that, like my clients, you:

  • Lack clients 
  • Have no system in place to acquire clients 
  • Lack organization 
  • Have no signature program to offer 
  • Struggle to generate leads 
  • No or low conversion from leads to paying clients  

Now, instead of feeling angry and confused that your efforts are not paying off; instead of spending nights and weekends trying to figure out the black hole of social media marketing; my Dietitian Boss Basics will set you on the path to business growth and success. 

libby rothschild business coach for dietitians

This is not a “magic pill” for business success, just like there is no magic pill for your clients. I am offering you an opportunity to use this self-study workbook to build a foundation for reaching your goals and realizing your dreams – in just 30 days. 

The Dietitian Boss Basics Workbook is broken down into three sections that should be completed in three months. Yes, that’s 30 days each to complete each section. 

Considering the time, energy, and money you’ve already invested in your dietitian business, this is a very small price to pay for the potential return on investment.

Why? Because, at the end of 30 days, you will feel:

• Confident! • Energized! • Organized! • Purposeful! • Powerful!  

AND… You will have:

Systems in place • Developed signature program • Built a focused audience • Increase leads • Increased conversation rates • More client appointments  

That is a massive ROI on a $97 + 30 day investment! 

If you're ready to discover the secrets of my 3-month intensive dietitian business training program in the comfort of your home – and begin the journey to business building success that inspired the entrepreneurial spirit in you – order your copy today!  

The foundations in Dietitian Boss Basics Workbook is a key component in the coaching I offer...and It can be yours today, and for a limited time, for just $97!  

Think you want MORE to get results faster? 

If you want to take the workbook lessons deeper, you may want to consider the Dietitian Boss Instagram course, this includes the Dietitian Boss Basics Workbook along with hours of self-study training videos to put the workbook lessons into practice using Instagram to get clients.