If you answer the attached questions and email them back to me then we can setup a time for you to answer the quesitons on my split screen live. I am looking for fitness and nutrition professionals. 

1. Name-
2. Location-

3. Length of time as a dietitian/nutrition professional/fitness professional-

5. ME or YOU: How we connected-Professional:
6. Tell me about what you do as a registered dietitian/nutrition professional/fitness professional; describe your roll in under 3 minutes
7. Tell me a typical day (or two different typical days)
8. How has your job description evolved since you started your current role/roles


Business and IG:
9. Tell me your elevator pitch
10. Tell me your focus on IG
11. Walk us through a failure in your business or brand
12. Walk us through a success or small win
13. What’s your favorite resource or book for professional development


Nutrition and Dietetics:
14. What’s your favorite food trend?
15. What’s your least favorite food trend?
16. If you could go back 1-5 years from now what advice would you give your younger self?
17. Tell me what you think about the future of dietetics/food and nutrition
18. Will robots take over the world and compete for our jobs?