1.       Introduction:

●        Name: Gisela Bouvier

●        Location: Port Charlotte, FL (SWFL)

●        Length of time as a dietitian: 8 years

●        Population you work with/serve: Primarily with working Women between their mid twenties to early 40s, who struggle with having a positive relationship with food and body image.

2.       ME or YOU: how we connected – You started following me and commenting on some of my photos and I started to watch your stories. We then had a phone call last Summer, I took your course, and we became friends 🙂


1.       Tell me about what you do as a registered dietitian; describe your roll in under 3 minutes

a.       My primary job as an RD is focusing on my Mindful and Intuitive Eating Private Practice. I help women who are either chronic dieters or have disordered eating patterns amend their relationship with food. Many women struggle with self-love and self-confidence and are very good about putting the needs of others first, but not their own. My role is to help them make themselves and their nourishment a priority and most importantly enjoy food again. Food creates memories, traditions, experiences, and moments – when that is no longer present, it needs to be amended and that’s what I help women do. I don’t believe in putting any client on a structured regimen or diet. Rather, I help them find their most optimal health through foods that bring them pleasure, enjoyment, and nourishment.

b.      My second job is that I also work per diem for a Healthcare Foodservice company and my role is to review the ALF menus for their accounts here in SWFL. I am a wiz at facility menus.

2.       Tell me a typical day (or two different typical days)

a.       After my daughter leaves for daycare with my husband, I eat breakfast and head to the gym. After that, I usually talk to clients who have booked appointments and mid afternoon to early afternoon, I either work on my social media content or on my per diem work – most of it is remote so it is great when I don’t have to go in.

b.      Then I have to put work in time out to pick up my daughter Sofia. After she goes to bed, I usually stay up a while longer working as well.

3.       How has your job description evolved since you started your current role/roles

a.       It has evolved in that I am much better about saying “No.” I no longer accept clients who are not my target audience and that I don’t specialize in. Yes, I still very much have a clinical background, but I prefer to refer out unless it’s a client that fits my niche.

b.      I have also stopped saying “No” to side jobs that were not a good use of my time. As much as I love teaching barre, I had to step away because driving to 3 different studios every week was becoming cumbersome and also not a good use of my time.

Business and IG:

1.       Tell me your elevator pitch: Hi my name is Gisela Bouvier. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist helping working women make peace with food and break free from dieting through Mindful and Intuitive Eating. Clients learn how to reconnect with their natural born instincts of honoring their hunger and fullness, find total food freedom, and learn to love food again.

2.       Tell me your focus on IG: The primary focus before was Mindful Eating. Although that is still a major part of my theme, my primary theme is Self-Love. Because without self-love and self-compassion, we can’t truly be mindful nor much less intuitive with our nourishment.

3.       Walk us through a failure in your business or brand: At the beginning of starting my entrepreneurship, I had the wrong “mentor.” It was someone who was pushing me to be a Weight Loss focused Dietitian because that is “where the money was.” I realized that I wasn’t being my authentic self and I had to change that.

4.       Walk us through a success or small win: Finding a business coach that understood my vision and shared the same approach to nutrition as me.

5.       What’s your favorite resource or book for professional development: Anything created by Libby Rothschild or Amy Sowards.

Nutrition and Dietetics:

1.       What’s your favorite food trend? Hemp Seeds – obsessed with them. I put them on everything.

2.       What’s your least favorite food trend? Collagen. I can’t with Collagen and Gluten Free everything is a close second. Gluten is not the enemy.

3.       If you could go back 1-5 years from now what advice would you give your younger self? Be patient with yourself. You got denied by over 100 jobs because you were meant for something greater.

4.       Tell me what you think about the future of dietetics/food and nutrition: I think the future of Dietetics will focus more on mindful-based approaches to its recommendations and I believe dietitians will use more empathy when speaking with clients. Motivational interviewing is existent but not all RDs use it when connecting with clients and I don’t believe we can truly connect with someone if we don’t have empathy.

5.       Will robots take over the world and compete for our jobs? Heck no! Robots lack empathy and feelings for humankind.