Welcome to Episode 50 of the Nutrition Business Podcast with Libby Rothschild.

On today’s episode, I am chatting with Rachel Paul of @collegenutritionist about our strategy behind how we created a $20K course that we have sold passively. We are going to give you our step-by-step from the brainstorm, creation, and marketing behind how we made this course so successful.

Want the transcript of this episode? Download it here.

Here are the takeaways from this episode:

  • We took the content that we had used in our mastermind groups to figure out exactly what we wanted to include with this course based on feedback from our clients.

  • We took all our content, separated them into lessons and modules, and then created videos and powerpoints for the course.

  • We created an free opt-in (in the resources below) to help get people on our email list. We then nurtured them through a series of emails that concluded with joining our course.

  • We discounted the price for a short period of time to incentivize people to buy the course.

  • We promoted it on our websites and on social media to get people on our list with our opt-in, and once we started seeing results with that, we hired someone to start running Facebook ads for us (because we didn’t have the time and knowledge to do it ourselves).