Every month I feature a theme on my Instagram handle. I created this idea to raise awareness about nutritional science as a dialogue and not a monologue. I believe that nutritional science should be a fluid and engaging conversation where participants feel like they have a voice.

  1. For my first theme this past June 2017 my topic was “International nutrition.” During my vacation in Paris, France, I found two nutritionists from Veggie Magnifique who agreed to chat with me. I enjoy discussing how nutritional science is perceived both on a local and global level. They suggested that we meet at a cafe which I found fitting so take notice to the macaroons in the background while you watch the video clip.

The questions that I asked:

  1. Can you speak to the dairy recommended according to French standards for nutrition? (15 seconds-1:20 minutes)
  2. Can you speak to low fat vs full fat dairy? (1:24 minutes- 1:48 minutes)
  3. Can you explain the fresh diet and vegetarianism and veganism in France? (1:52 minutes-5:27 minutes)
  4. Can you shed some light about the term ‘French Paradox’? (5:28 minutes- 8:13 minutes)
  5. Does the French culture practice more intuitive eating vs. American culture? (8:58 minutes-12:10 minutes )
  6. Can you speak about smoking and French culture? (12:23 minutes-14:36 minutes)
  7. Are there any crazy fad diets in France? (14:37 minutes-15:55 minutes)
  8. How do people perceive alcohol in Paris, France? (15:56 minutes -18:55 minutes)