What does it mean to be focused on social media, and how does someone (i.e registered dietitian) focus effectively?

In my professional experience the answer to most questions about growth and branding is focus. The more focused I become on social media (i.e Instagram) the more of an expert I become among my chosen niche (nutrition education). Honing in on my focus has helped me grow on social media and develop a stronger brand.

Today’s blog post is a “Thank You” to the community for supporting me on my journey with Instagram. I started my Instagram journey in January 2017, and 10 months later I hit 10k followers; I wanted to dedicate today’s piece to helping the community learn tips and tricks about focusing.

Next week on December 12th I will be hosted a webinar titled “How to focus on Instagram and Position yourself as an Expert Within your Niche.” I am collaborating on this webinar with Amy Sowards from RDN Academy. Sign-up here to claim your free slot to attend. During our webinar, I will discuss in detail what focus means, and how to master your chosen focus to succeed and build an engaged audience online (I use examples from Instagram but the concepts can be applied at large).

Gisela, student of “Instagram Secrets to Success for Registered Dietitians,” is an entrepreneur who has taken these concepts, and applied them with her professional brand. Here’s how she positions herself as an expert within her focus and niche:

  1. Reflection:

I encourage registered dietitians and nutrition students to look at their presence online (any social media platform) and ask: “How does what I post (video, audio or photo) represent my focus and sub foci?” Or, take a look at your top favorite social media handles within your niche and ask yourself: “What’s their main focus and sub focus, and how do they showcase themselves online effectively?” (You can substitute their handle in the examples above to gain clarity)

Often people ask me: “Should I post this __ (photo, video or story)?” and I wanted to take today’s blog to explain how navigating that answer goes back to the topic of your main focus and sub foci; have you established them? Developed a strategy? After 10 months on Instagram, I have worked hard to develop a strong brand (still in progress). After reflecting on my future direction, I realize now that the content that I will post going forward (stories, posts or captions, etc) should only reflect my main focus and 3 sub foci. After much contemplation I decided not to make lifestyle a sub foci of mine. Previously, I shared hints into my personal life (i.e sharing my weekly nail color choice in my stories). However, after critical thinking, insights into my fashion sense and personal life does not fit my sub foci, so I will eliminate this type of dialogue going forward. Maybe after reading this post you may think that I am too serious about Instagram strategy and branding-  If you do, that is excellent because being serious and speaking with conviction are both strong components of my brand; this is how I position myself as an expert. How do you position yourself as an expert?