Today on Instagram me (@productivedietitian) and Gisela from @bnutritonandwellness discussed the topic of “how to be mindful and intuitive during the holidays.”

Highlights include:

1. The holiday is just another day

  1. checkout my video about the “holi-month” vs. holiday on instagram

2. Engage with your 5 senses

  1. sight, hear, taste, smell, touch

3. Mindful vs. intuitive eating

  1. Intuitive eating: focus on hunger cues vs. mindful eating: pay attention to the experience

4. If you’re a parent treat remember that the holiday season is just like any other day or time

  1. We discussed the “family centered” approach and how to be a role model for our children

5. Keep-up with your everyday eating and exercise

  1. Modify your routine if needed, but focus on movement in a way that works for you

In closing, take the holiday season one meal at a time!


I am scheduling one live a week to collaborate with dietitians and health professionals to send positive and consistent messages. Here’s the scheduled line-up:

December 20th week:

  • Wednesday December 20th: What’s the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist with Claudia (@drclaudiatfelty)
  • Thu the 21st: Me and my pediatrician friend will discuss our research project and progress


  • Jan 4th: Plant based with Tony Stephan (@tony_stephan_dietitian)
  • Jan 11th week: What is a Culinary Medicine Specialist with Holly (@hollyhilldietitian)
  • Jan (undetermined date): Revised school meals with my friend and PhD candidate Amy 
  • Jan 27th: Dutch Dietitian Louisa and her work with writing a book in her country about linking oral health and systemic health 
  • Jan (undetermined date) Productivity and New Years Resolutions with Amy Soward (@rdnacademy)


  • (Undetermined time): Devika (subject undetermined) (onemorebite.dietitian)
  • (Undetermined time): Rebecca Wise (@rebeccalewisrd)